CHI Stories: Call for Participation

Quick Facts

Important Dates:

  • Submission deadline: Interested persons should contact the CHI Stories team as soon as possible. All submissions before 11 January 2017 (12:00pm PST) will be considered.
  • Notification deadline: Rolling decisions will be made with all decisions finalized by 7 February 2017.
  • Publication-ready deadline: 15 February 2017 (12:00pm PST) for those electing to publish an Extended Abstract.


Submission Details:

  • Initial Pitch: Email a “pitch” to
  • Online Submission: PCS Submission System for those electing to publish an Extended Abstract.
  • Template: Extended Abstracts Format for those who elect it.
  • Submission Format: Video (preferred) or text “pitch” to the CHI Stories team. 1-2 page abstract in the Extended Abstracts Format for those who elect it.
  • Submissions are not anonymous and should include your name, affiliation, and contact information.


Selection Process: Curated. The CHI Stories team and other selected members of the conference committee will view pitches and contact the storytellers in order to collaborate on a final storytelling format.


Chairs: Nazanin Andalibi, Nicholas Diakopoulos, Andrea Forte, Misa Maruyama, Scott Robertson (


At the Conference: Stories will be presented in a live event at the conference. We will work out presentation details with storytellers.


After the Conference: Extended Abstracts proceedings available in the ACM Digital Library for those who elect to it. Video or audio podcasts of the conference presentations will be available for those choosing to archive their story.


Message from the CHI-Stories Team

Do you have a story to tell? CHI Stories is a new venue designed to make visible the deeper lives of people in our field through their personal stories of inspiration, challenge, breakthrough, setback, perseverance, twists and turns.


CHI Stories are what come after “Really? I’d love to hear more about that.”


Behind every author, presenter, and committee member in our field is a life full of stories, including many stories that are relevant to CHI. When we write a professional paper, we provide background on the theories and prior studies that led us to our research questions. We conclude by speculating on what’s next. But we have few venues for going beyond these professional horizons. In our professional lives we aim at the behavioral level. In CHI Stories, we hope to find something more at the reflective, and perhaps the visceral, levels.


We invite both established and emerging members of the CHI community to help us uncover, understand, and record the stories that make us who we are. We encourage diversity of stories and people for this venue. Join us in creating and shaping this new venue.


Nazanin Andalibi, Drexel University

Nick Diakopoulos, University of Maryland, College Park

Andrea Forte, Drexel University

Misa Maruyama, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Scott Robertson, University of Hawaii at Manoa


What is a CHI Story?

We imagine that CHI Stories will be a mashup of TED, The Moth, and Pop-Up Magazine. They will be performed live in CHI venues worked out with the storytellers. CHI Stories will present a personal narrative while at the same time engaging with ideas and themes important to the discipline. We hope to hear from established members of the CHI community who would like to share their history, reflection, or vision in story form. We also hope to find some intriguing stories from others who are just beginning or somewhere midway through their journey in the CHI field. We are also open to nominations of others.


Stories should be about 5-10 minutes long when delivered orally. They will be presented to an audience at the conference with the option to be recorded or remain ephemeral. Story presentations may be augmented with audiovisual materials, but this is not necessary. A story is not a presentation, but rather a narrative with you as an important character. It should be a truthful telling or enacting of a real event that causes the audience to reflect on your experience. Your story should probably be told in the first person and include your interior thoughts and reactions.


Without constraining ideas in any way, we’d love to find stories about:

  • That time you took a turn.
  • That person who inspired and/or challenged you.
  • That other thing you tried.
  • A dream you had and what happened to it.
  • Anything that would offer perspective to colleagues, especially regarding inspirations, challenges, dreams, or fears.
  • Personal stories and experiences that motivated you to do what you do in the realm of human-computer interaction, broadly defined.
  • An experience relevant to our field that comes after someone says, “Really? I’d love to hear more about that.”
  • Surprise us!


Preparing and Submitting your Story

The first step is to send a video “pitch” to the CHI Stories team. Once we select storytellers, we will work with them to develop the final form of each presentation. We also plan to produce a video “teaser” of storytellers that potential conference attendees can view in advance. Needless to say, the more time we have for this the better.


An initial pitch should be a short (~2 minutes) video that tells us what the story is about. The video should also give us an idea of your skill as a storyteller. This video is for the committee only.


CHI Story proposals must be submitted via the PCS Submission System by January 11, 2017 (noon PST), but earlier submissions are preferred. The story submission must include an extended abstract and should also include a video or audio file. The story proposal must have:

  • Extended Abstract: A 1-2 page synopsis summarizing your story submitted in the Conference Extended Abstracts Format.
  • Video or Audio file : Record a synopsis of your story in either video or audio format. This is a pitch of the idea and an “audition” for the purposes of selection, not your final story recording. Your recording should be:
    • About two minutes long.
    • Delivered mostly from memory, but consulting notes is fine at this stage.


Story Selection Process

Stories will be curated by the CHI Stories team members. We would really like to talk with potential storytellers well in advance of the submission deadline. The main criteria for selection are:


Content: Will the story be of interest to the HCI community? Will the story be meaningful to people who view it? Will the story have impact and lead to reflection? Does the story contribute to a larger understanding of our field? Can audience members gain a deeper understanding of the presenter or the issue? Does the story broaden the horizons of people who hear it?


Presentation: Does the presenter tell their story in a compelling manner? Does the story have a clear narrative stream? Is there significant reflective component on the part of the speaker?


Diversity: Does the content and/or the presenter represent a community, group or perspective that is nontraditional or underrepresented in the field?


At the Conference

You will tell your story in front of an audience. You should be prepared to tell your story without notes, although you might want to accompany it with presentation materials. We will work out venue details with each storyteller.


After the Conference

The story synopses will be distributed in the CHI Extended Abstracts for those who elect it, available in the ACM Digital Library. If you choose, your presentation will be recorded and made available as an audio or video podcast.






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CHI Stories: Call for Participation