CHI Art Program: Call for Participation

Quick Facts

Important Dates:

  • Installations
    • Submission deadline: 18 January 2017 (20:00 EDT)
    • Notification: 10 February 2017
    • Publication-ready deadline: 15 February 2017


Submission Details:

  • Online Submission: PCS Submission System
  • Template: Extended Abstracts Format
  • Submission Format: 6-page Extended Abstract, describing work and intended experience.
  • Supplemental PDF technical and space requirements, including lighting, power, floor plan.
  • Video preview demonstrating the experience (max 100mb); still image depicting the experience.
  • Submissions are not anonymous and should include all author names, affiliations, and contact information.


Selection Process: Curated


Chairs: Thecla Schiphorst, Andruid Kerne, Jiffer Harriman, HyunJoo Oh (


Messages from the Art Chairs

I'll Be Watching You


Every breath you take. Every move you make.

Observing self and others continues to unfold as a centrally mediated cultural activity. Sensors proliferate, in concert with devices, the cloud, and computing. Social media entwine. Private media get hacked. Machine learning recognizes. Data sources, computing, and representation enable a spectrum of understandings.


Comfortable understandings involve goal tracking, depiction, connection, and the advancement of expression. Uncomfortable understandings involve surveillance, detection, and the loss of identity and individuality.  Critical observations involve self-monitoring, identity re-construction, and loss of transparency in access to personal metrics. Welcome, my friends, to the machine!


We are seeking interactive artworks that intentionally take a position with regard to human experiences of sensory computing. Your position may involve the comfortable, the uncomfortable, and/or the critical. It may be individual, collective, or machinic. You are encouraged to juxtapose categories, exposing unforeseen contradictions.


Our data footprints, big and small, become a critical, ethical, and political voice with the potential to transform how we consider technological innovation. We seek conceptual, urban, public, mobile, performative and tangible artworks that reflect upon, critique, and/or construct present and future visions of our lived world across the gallery, streets and clouds. In particular, we seek works that frame contemporary urban, mobile and online experiences through interactivity and performativity, linking or isolating people, aggregating data and re-presenting place. Through the moves we make, the claims we stake, and the bonds we break, let your interactive artworks be watching.


Evaluation Criteria

  • Challenge people's conceptions of the role of technology in society.
  • Stimulate critical thinking and discussion.
  • Use interactivity in novel, unexpected ways.
  • Involve people as participants, not just viewers.
  • Deal with uncomfortable issues, such as surveillance, as well as more comfortable areas, such as human connection.
  • Engage the senses--touch, motion, auditory, visual-- in embodied interaction.
  • Use rich sensory media in visual, textual, and sonified forms
  • Incorporate mobile as well as co-located components, involving people outside and inside the gallery.
  • Aggregate data from the world and exhibit in the cloud, and re-present using visualization, sonification, and tactile actuation.
  • Invoke performative strategies from dance, theater, and ritual within the context of urban activities
  • Combine modalities and fields to create new synthesis.
  • Connect strong technical, aesthetic, and critical aspects.
  • Incorporate site-specific, urban elements.
  • Utilize computational techniques such as generative art, emergent behaviours, and machine intelligence
  • Involve the body as a site of experience and reflection.




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